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Blue Ridge Writers

The Central Virginia Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club

Our Story: Past and Present

In 1918, James Branch Cabell, a rather colorful character and author of some 50 books co-founded the Virginia Writers Club (VWC).

In 1991, the Charlottesville Writers of the VWC, as established by "Booton" Herndon, became the first chapter of the VWC. Founding members included Rita Mae Brown, John Casey, Emily Couric, Ken Elzinga, George Garret, A.E. Dick Howard, Dan Jordan, Katherine Peaslee, Peter Taylor... and many more. 

2007: the name was changed to our current Blue Ridge Writers (BRW).

We have now established an enthusiastic and accomplished membership of some 50 writers.

BRW is excellent as whether you are a beginning, middling, or seasoned writer, we welcome you. Here, we help each other along. Our individual writing experiences enrich us all.

We offer monthly critique sessions which provide mutual feedback for each of its class members. We also offer workshops and tutorials, as well as the occasional retreat. We welcome all genres, any of which can be your vehicle to publication in one of our annual journals.

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