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Many of our members are seasoned authors with multiple published books. 

Gerry Kruger's Books

Gerry Kruger, like her father, finds fulfillment in helping others succeed. It was her father’s dedication to making life better for others that inspired her to write TWO OF US: A Father-Daughter Memoir. As an essayist on National Public Radio, she detailed the adventures of a lame Canada goose that walked to her pond, and she published these essays in ON KRUGER POND: Charlie’s Story. Gerry and her father believed people could overcome setbacks and obstacles just as Charlie the goose did, with a little help and attention from caring individuals. 

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Deidra Lovegren's Books

NEW: The Medicine Woman 

In the aftermath of the United Authority's fall, war, pestilence, and famine continue to ravage the land. Nation-states, already reeling from societal and environmental collapse, fail to provide the basic necessities. Bloodshed brings strife to a land born after the end of electricity, as MilitiaMen coalesce around the banners of ambitious warlords. After five years of relative peace, the Medicine Woman is kidnapped, becoming enmeshed in a brutal conflict between those who love her and those who want to weaponize her. In the sequel to The Medicine Girl, the Medicine Woman struggles to maintain her humanity. Her mother's mandate to "alleviate suffering" proves almost impossible to fulfill as she makes her way through an amoral world—hell-bent on making her an instrument of destruction.

The Medicine Girl

Before she is sold off by her father, the Medicine Girl must escape the Florida Penal Colony. But where? Environmental degradation has rendered the few former states uninhabitable while other regions have declared themselves sovereign nations. While MilitiaMen wage war against each other, she knows choosing the wrong faction means the difference between a hard life and a painful death. The Medicine Girl must use her wits and vast knowledge of natural remedies to barter her way through a wasteland. But her mother's directive to “alleviate suffering” in a place with endless hardships makes her question all that she’s ever known.


R. Morgan Armstrong's Books

A Serving of Revenge

A Cubley's Coze Mystery

It's June 1955, and William Boyer Gunn—Billy—is a 12-year-old resident of Highland, Virginia. Billy longs for excitement. "A boy about to have a big adventure," he narrates, "is like a sleeping dog on the road before the car hits it—not a clue." Highland has its small-town charms, but it also has a huge problem. Big John McCulloch owns the McCulloch Wood Products plant, a major local employer, and the Green Mountain Resort. He also owns the police department, where his son is a hotheaded sergeant. When the plant rejects a trucker's safety concerns, it leads directly to a terrible accident, and a local farmer dies. Things really heat up when the farmer's sons, Jacob and Joash Beamis, come to town, armed with a thirst for revenge of a biblical order. Meanwhile, a vigilante sniper begins picking off some of the town's unsavory characters.


As the story progresses, the tension escalates, and...the work doesn't lose sight of its obligation to keep the plot humming along. An exhilarating tale of municipal intrigue and drama.


Available for purchase here




A Serving of Deceit

A Cubley's Coze Mystery

In this book, two boys are attacked by three bullies, the police refuse to act without the approval of the local prosecutor, who has vanished. When the prosecutor is found murdered, the boys land in the middle of that investigation and as lies are told to protect the bullies, the town youngsters retaliate. The population is divided into warring camps as tension mounts to solve the murder, stop the bullies, and prevent the town from tearing itself apart. Which side will win, will justice prevail, and will the murder be solved?

"A string of crimes and accusations turns residents of a small Virginia town against one another in this sequel. A brisk, entertaining story of feuding youngsters and adults alike." — Kirkus Reviews

Available for purchase here. 

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