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Members of Blue Ridge Writers,


There will be an Annual Meeting of BRW on February 16 at 6:30 via Zoom. You will receive a link to attend the meeting a few days before.


We need membership attendance as we will be voting on matters important to our club for 2024.


Gerry Kruger will lead us in the agenda for the meeting:

- Nominations and election of the 2024 Board of Directors (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary)

- Approving updated 2024 Bylaws of the Blue Ridge Writers Club (see attached)

- Information on where and when  to send dues for 2024  

- Discussion of upcoming BRW programs and activities for 2024


The Virginia Writers club (VWC) president, Chuck Tabb, will join us, make a few remarks, and answer questions about our affiliation with VWC.


Nominees for the board: Thank you for agreeing to serve in 2024.

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